Join Us Every Sunday It's Great To Be Back In Person. Join Us In The Upper Room In Wallington High Street See you Sunday at 10:30am

Volunteer & Serve

At Crown Family Church, every member gives their time to serve in one of our teams. Sign up here.

Serve & Be Part Of The Family Of God

Serving God is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable things that a believer can do. Every week, volunteers just like you get involved with making Crown Family Church happen. Whatever your skills and talents, you'll be sure to find a team which you can serve in. From setup and packdown, through to prayer ministry, worship and our Crown Kids children's ministry, their is a team just for you.

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"Serving in Church is an opportunity to give rather than to take, in a world obsessed with consuming. It's also a way to deepen relationships with others as you serve alongside them. It's my belief that every member in the Church has a duty to serve in some capacity."

Christine Armstrong

"Serving and being part of God's family is such a blessing. You make great friends and also encounter the Father's love as you volunteer!"

Matt & Sal Stockbridge